Marco Mezzavilla

Hi! ☺ With this page, for once, I don't want to prove anything but just share some of my interests and thoughts.
It's a work in progress, of course.

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2014 — Present

I co-founded the tiny Iperstudio collective.


2012 — 2023

Product and UI/UX designer for a digital agency.


2017 — 2022

Front-end developer in a creative direction studio.


Bachelor's Degree

Industrial Design, IUAV University (Venezia, 2008 — 2011)

Master's Degree

Design, IUAV University (Venezia, 2012 — 2015)


Circa 2003

I "played" Pierrick Calvez's Days in a Day, a kind of visual adventure in Flash. I realized that I wanted to work in the web.


I started copying (badly) what others were doing on the web.


I came across the work of people who have inspired me a lot to form ideas about design and the web: Jeffrey Zeldman, Jason Santa Maria, Shaun Inmann, Jeremy Keith, Ethan Marcotte. And then Paul Jarvis, Valerio Proietti, Lea Verou, Chris Coyier, Tim Van Damme, Sara Soueidan and many others.

Jeffrey Zeldman avatar. Jason Santa Maria avatar. Shaun Inmann avatar. Jeremy Keith avatar. Ethan Marcotte avatar.

I first heard about Ruby on Rails, and after a few years about Laravel.


I co-founded Iperstudio, a tiny collective of developers and designers. Iperstudio still exists after 10 years (and a hundred projects).


Flex is an established reality, and the first grid drafts are making their way in. I get hooked on CSS.


I keep testing (for work and for fun) various JS libraries and frameworks: Next.js, Nuxt, Sveltekit, Remix. None of them convinces me 100%.

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